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Samoyed Snippet
While most Samoyeds have robust health, they do need routine vaccinations. Follow your veterinarian’s advice regarding immunization and parasite control.

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue Stories
There are always fabulous SFSR Stories. This will be the place for them!

From Joey a SFSR supporter: Just had surgery and just came home from the hospital a couple of days ago. When I was in the hospital, our SFSR adoptee, Merlin, laid down with his head on his paws and wouldn't eat, so my husband, Mark, called my bedside phone. As soon as he put me on speakerphone, Merlin listened, head cocked, then started "rooing" at the phone. When I said, "Merlin, you need to eat your breakfast," the next thing I heard was kibbles crunching, and Merlin finished.

Now I'm home, and Merlin has been a great "nurse's aide." When I have to be up in the middle of the night, Mark helps me up, then can go back to bed for an hour, because Merlin keeps watch over me! He's also being very gentle and careful with me, although if he thinks I'm overdoing, I get a stern "rooo!" until I rest. To think that at first we weren't sure he'd ever bond with us or that we'd be able to deal with him (he was the most wary, skittish, crazy-energy pup we'd ever had)! Don't know what we'd do without our Rooo.

Nikki's Family Nikki's New Family. Nikki (formerly Mikki) is shown here with her new family. She is an American Eskimo mix that came to SFSR pregnant and stayed with us untill we found the perfect family for her.

Click photo to enlarge.
Riley Happy Birthday! We wanted to share Riley's birthday picture, taken on April 14, 2008. SFSR rescued him from the local humane society just in time since he was scheduled to be euthanized. We have been so lucky to have this guy- he is our morning dog. He greets us every morning and night with his Samoyed smile and his seal-like bark! Thank you to Bev & SFSR for rescuing this wornderful, very happy Sammy-mix!

~Autumn & Fred

Click photo to enlarge.

William Hello - We wanted to write and share a video of William playing with our family. We are so grateful to hear his happy voice! He is doing very well these days. We are very thankful to your organization for saving him and allowing us to bring him into our family.

Click photo to play the video.

Blue and his family Blue came to SFSR in 2005. He was from a puppy mill in Missouri that was shut down. Several Samoyed rescue groups worked together to save this guy. Missouri rescue was full and SFSR had a foster home available at the time. Blue was flown out to SFSR, was fostered for a while as we worked to get him socialized, and then a perfect home was found for Blue in the San Francisco Bay Area. This photo of Blue taken on 3/2/08 with his family during a hike they went on. From left to right: Chubbs, Val, Jay with Blue, and friend Tammi. Chubbs and Blue get along great--Blue looks up to big brother Chubbs and follows him everywhere. Val and Jay adore Blue. They brought Blue to our rescue picnic in the fall. Blue was nervous with all the people, dogs, and noise, but he did ok. He found a really great home!

Click photo to enlarge.

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