Size: Small, 32"-46"

Color: Black


  • Fastens around hips via an all-metal closure consisting of a 1-1/2" diameter welded stainless steel o-ring and a solid brass bolt snap. Easiest to use with gloves in cold weather. Do not wear around waist!

  • Clip lead(s) into the front facing carabineer. Carabineer is not climbing quality, if you have a dog subject to 'predatory' lunges, jerks, or that pulls hard, consider adding additional carabineer(s) for added strength.

  • Includes a d-ring on each side for attaching cell phone, keys, water bottle, etc, and a reflective strip in back.

  • SoftWeb™ products are soft, strong, and machine washable, retaining their original brilliant color wash after wash.

  • Easily remove metal hardware to wash and wear.


From White Pine:

Fit: We only recommend wearing the High Sierra Walk-A-Belt™ on your hips. Personally, I prefer mine right on top of my pelvic bones, with the top edge of the belt lined up with the top edge of my pelvic bone. With the belt on your hips you are relying on your skeletal system for support, and hips are a center of gravity. The padding helps hold the belt on the hips. If you will be wearing the belt over heavier winter clothing take that into consideration when deciding your size. 

Safety: The High Sierra Walk-A-Belt™ is not a device which allows you to walk more dogs. It is a device that allows you to more comfortably walk the same number of dogs that you now safely walk.

Machine washable; will not shrink. We recommend removing the hardware to protect your washer.

Heavy Duty Walk-A-Belt w/ Carabiner


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