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Iowa Rescue Dogs (2018 - 2019)

At the end of January 2018, National Samoyed Rescue was contacted by the Humane Society of North Iowa in regard to a large number of Samoyeds that had been surrendered to their facility. They were reaching out for help. San Francisco Samoyed Rescue (SFSR) President Jayne contacted the shelter manager directly offering SFSR’s assistance. The shelter needed help placing the influx of Samoyeds they were receiving from an out-of-control commercial Samoyed breeder in Iowa.

At the beginning of February 2018, Jayne made her initial trip to the North Iowa Humane Society (NIHS) to evaluate the first group of dogs. We committed to orchestrating the logistics for SFSR and a few other Samoyed rescues to vet the dogs and place them in loving forever homes. The NIHS and SFSR have been working together since February to get this horrible situation rectified and get the proper authorities involved. 

On February 26, the first group arrived west. Since then, there were six more transports, with the last group arriving on August 13. All dogs have now been placed in good homes. 

Dogs rescued from Feb to Aug 2018:

  • 83 dogs came into Samoyed breed rescues

  • 40 were placed through the shelter 

  • 30 were place through SFSR alone


Samoyed rescues involved:
San Francisco Samoyed Rescue
Denver Samoyed Rescue (DSR)
Samoyed Rescue of Utah (Dorinda Lauer
Samoyed Rescue of Southern California
Samoyed Rescue of Texas
North Texas Samoyed Rescue, Inc.
Northwest Samoyed Rescue


All the above Samoyed rescues involved were asked to limit general information to the public as a legal investigation was pursued. That is why we haven’t been very vocal about this situation except to our adoptive families. Investigations such as these, conducted properly, take time. The local sheriff’s department started the investigation, but when they realized the magnitude and number of dogs involved, the ASPCA was called in to assist in August.  

The results of this investigation came to fruition November 12, 2018 with an additional 170 Samoyed dogs and 4 cats being confiscated, adding to the previously rescued numbers for a total of over 320 dogs. The criminal investigation continues within the court system. All of the animals in custody are safe, warm, and are continuing to receive medical and behavioral attention. 


The group of Samoyed rescues involved, led by SFSR, are now partners with the ASPCA, working together. A brighter future is now ensured for these babies. We eagerly await the release and transport for some of these neglected Samoyeds to the Samoyed rescues in the western United States. 

For more information:

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Please make your membership gift to the SFSR Sammies, in order to continue our mission in saving homeless and neglected Samoyeds. 

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