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We post our available Samoyeds on Below are the listings directly from their website.
If this page is empty it means we currently don't have any available dogs.
You can check our Facebook page for recent updates, sign up for alerts on Petfinder, or  check back later!

If you are outside of Northern California, please visit the Samoyed Club of America to find your closest rescue group or breeder:


If you are within Northern California, we are your main resource. Please continue below. 

If you are considering an adoption, we recommend submitting your pre-adoption form as soon as possible to get things started. 

1) Read our guidance and submit your pre-adoption form

2) Home check and dog compatibility check

3) Sign the adoption contract

4) Donate the adoption fee

5) Adopted!

We are a rescue organization!

We don't operate a physical shelter.

All dogs are fostered by our all-volunteer team and members in their homes. 

We don't breed dogs or sell puppies. 

Our availability is dependent on if there is a Samoyed dog in need. 

We believe in finding the right family for the dog, and the right dog for the family. 

We understand that the Samoyed breed requires a high level of training and maintenance.

So please know that we are highly selective through the application process to make sure that each dog finds their best fit. 

Thank you for understanding!

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