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Pre-Adoption Questionnaire 

Thank you for your interest in rescuing a Samoyed!


Please read this section fully before reaching out or submitting an application, because it will save you time and make your application process smoother. 

Owning a dog requires both a financial and a time commitment. On average, expenses for a healthy Samoyed generally run upwards of $1,000 a year, just for food, toys, treats, vaccinations, heartworm preventative, flea preventative, yearly vet visits, etc. And that doesn't include trips to the groomer, which can cost $60 to $125, or more. Additional costs could include training classes, kenneling, or pet sitting if you go on vacation, etc. And even a relatively minor medical emergency can easily run over $500.


Samoyeds are high maintenance dogs and do not like being left alone. They need to be exercised, played with, and given attention. They have to be trained, and cleaned up after, and fed. They want to be with you when you are home and travel with you when you aren't. If Samoyeds do not receive sufficient exercise and attention, they will frequently bark, dig, or chew.

Samoyeds often live 12 to 14 years, and can live as long as 18! Consider future plans such as children, moving, etc., and how they might impact your commitment to a dog. Please be sure you are ready to expend the time and money necessary to give a dog a home for the rest of its life.

The usual adoption donation fee ranges from $500 to $1,000.

Ready to begin? Here are some tips for your application:

Submit your form below. Having reviewed your application form, our Rescue Coordinator will contact you about available dogs. Even if a suitable dog isn't available, you'll be on the waiting list. In the meantime, get your house and yard ready to accept the new dog. Repair fences and protect plants and lawns. Collect up possible "chew toys", such as fine Italian leather shoes, and store them safely in a closet. 

We perform a home check to make sure that your yard is secure and that there is an overall compatibility between your home environment and the needs of the prospective dog. This seems intrusive, but it's not; it's best for you, for us, and for the dog.

Maintain contact with us. It seems like for weeks there are none, and then dogs appear at our doorsteps in bunches. Telephone and leave a voice message if we don't answer right off. We are a small, all-volunteer organization, easily distracted by things like work, plumbing leaks, and children; it may take a few days before we can get back to you. Please be patient. Think of us like the government, except you didn't elect us, you can't replace us, we don't have all your tax dollars to spend, and we do try hard. If approved, you will be added to the waiting list for the dog you would like. Once we think there is a match, you will get to meet the prospective dog in your home. We can then see how the first contact goes.

Consider this decision carefullyYou may be wondering about whether you want to adopt a Samoyed dog or whether a particular dog is the right one for you. That's OK. One thing you can do - and we encourage it - is for you to foster the adoptable dog for a time at your house. You still have to have the home check to make sure the dog will be safe and secure around your house, but the trial can be limited to a specific time period. At any point that it becomes clear that the adoption won't work, then we'll arrange another foster home for the dog. This is a great way for you, your family, your other pets, and the new Samoyed to get past the initial introductory shock period and see whether the new home works out.

We look forward to meeting you! 

If you have any issues with the form below, please email:

This form is best filled out on a computer, we've had members have issues with tablets and phones. Thank you!

The SF Samoyed Rescue reserves the right to refuse any applicant.

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