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SFSR and Shelter Animals Count

Best Friend’s Animal Society is working with shelters nationally to end the kill rate in our national shelters by 2025.  Shelters are now reporting their statistics through Shelter Animals Count.  Shelter Animal Counts is a collaborative initiative to create and share a national database of sheltered animal statistics by providing facts and enabling insights that will save lives.  Many rescues are now reporting their statistics through a live release percentage formula or save rate formula. 


In 2018, SFSR joined the initiative and opted into transparency for providing their data to the public.


SFSR collects information from January through December of each year.  This data is put into the Live Release Percentage or Save Rate formula for the annual calculation.


This page provides the Annual Animal Statistics and the Lifesaving Percentage.


Summary Information

The table below is for the year 2011 and thereafter.


Intake Information:

Intake is defined in several ways.  The definitions below explain the intakes.


Definitions for Intake

  • Relinquished by Owner – Relinquished by owner or owner surrender

  • Owner Intended Euthanasia – Owner surrender because owner intended euthanasia for medical or behavioral issues

  • Transferred into SFSR – Dogs that come into SFSR from shelters or other agencies including seizures, hoarding situations, etc.

Outcome Information:

Outcome for dogs in the SFSR system is defined in several ways.  The definitions are below.


Definitions for Outcome

  • Adoption – Dogs placed into a loving home on a permanent basis

  • Permanent Foster – Dogs placed into a permanent foster home due to age or medical condition

  • Died in Care – While in the care/permanent foster of the rescue, dogs that have passed away either naturally or were euthanized for medical reasons (i.e. old age/cancer). 

Live Release Percentage Formula:

SFSR uses the Save Rate Formula.


Save Rate Formula

Save Rate = [Total Intakes – Died in Care] / Total Intakes

*Died in care dogs were permanent fosters who died of old age/cancer.


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