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Who We Are

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue (SFSR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by volunteers in Northern California.


We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Samoyeds and Samoyed mixes. 

We understand that Samoyeds require a high level of care. 

Our mission is to ensure all owners are equipped to have fulfilling friendships with their Samoyed.


Every dollar or hour you contribute makes a difference.

Your donations enable us to provide foster care, cover costly veterinary bills,  rehabilitate rigorously, and transport dogs across the state.  


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to rescue Samoyeds in shelters or lost in the streets, relocate Samoyeds that are no longer wanted or that can no longer be cared for by their owners, and assist in securing veterinary attention for injured or sick Samoyeds.

Where We Work

Limited resources and corporate bylaws constrain San Francisco Samoyed Rescue's endeavors. Our geographic area is Northern California from Monterey County north and east to the Nevada border. We make occasional exceptions for rescues and placements in the Reno/Carson City, Nevada area; southern Oregon; Central and Southern California; and, in very rare cases, elsewhere in the U.S.

We also work closely with our Southern California partner:

Looking for a Samoyed Outside of California?

Please visit the Samoyed Club of America to find your closest rescue group or breeder:

(650) 758-7722

P.O. Box 4215
San Rafael, CA 94913-4215

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Disclaimer: Every contact to adopt, foster, surrender, or donate will transfer your submitted information directly to the welfare organization's email addresses unnoticed, unknown, and not passed through or forwarded by this domain owner. This website is not collecting, forwarding, catching, or saving any of your data added and transferred in emails, messages, or donations to the organization itself.

SF Samoyed Rescue is committed to keeping your data confidential. We do not sell, rent, or lease your information to 3rd parties for any reason, and we will not provide your personal information to any 3rd party individual, government agency, or company at any time unless compelled to do so by law. We use your contact information solely to provide you with timely information about our rescue.

If you are subscribed to updates and would like to opt out, please email and at any time.